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Monday, 18 February 2019

{SEO*} 8 Quick Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Last week I attended Google Publisher Meet and there the speakers mostly talked about the Mobile Internet Users and Mobile Optimizations. And Google new update about blogs it is very necessay to your blog. All sites need to be mobile friendly to get more impression from mobile users. here we will share easy way to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly in 2019.You can simply build a mobile friendly website all you need is to just focus on your optimization side. Why all are recommending Mobile optimizations?

Because last year made the more search from Mobile which is 5x times than older days. And it won’t stop, the number of using smartphones will be increasing and in India there is more chances about this case. These are guess, but they can become true as the mobile developers are launching new budget mobiles for gadgets lovers. So these things made everyone to get connected online using their mobile.

So to improve internet user services all need to make your website mobile friendly . These things can surely increase your traffic and ad impression too! Your SERP rate for your blog can increase as you will get traffic directly from Google search engine or from others search engines.

So whats up now? What this post is on? This post is about some interesting facts about make your website mobile friendly 😀 you can first check your website is mobile optimized or not by using Google Webmaster tool 🙂 And then you must check this below infographic for knowing more tips about Mobile optimization, why they need in this year 2019? What they can do for us? And more about to make your website mobile friendly. This awesome infographic was shared by Digital Marketing!

8 Quick Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly in 2019

Top 10 Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for your Blog/ Website

After Google Page Rank the number which is given high importance by webmasters is Alexa Rank. Believe me many of them judge your blog/website by just seeing your Alexa Rank. Even advertisers check your Alexa Rank to advertise on your blog.

What is Alexa Rank? defines themself as a “web information company“. They rank every website and blog  based on their traffic and some other factors. This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the number better is the poepularity.

How Alexa Rank is measured?

You might freak out after reading “How Alexa Ranking is measured?“ is measuring your website’s traffic is one of the most unfair surveys around. Why?
They only record those hits which passes through their systems.That means your visitors either have to Install Alexa Toolbar on their browser or you should put an Alexa widget/plugin installed on your blog.

That means the blogs under the niche Blogging,Technology will have a better Alexa Rank compared with the blogs which are not related to Tech Stuff.

10 Tips to Increase Alexa Rank :

1. Install Alexa Tool Bar:
Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser and also ask your friends, visitors to install toolbar on their browser.

2. Claim your site :
To gain full control over your site. Claim your site on This will help others to know who owns the site and helps you in ranking better on Alexa.

3. Put Alexa Widget on your blog :
As I already said Alexa counts only those hits which comes under their system.So put an Alexa widget on your blog.

4. Get Traffic From Bloggers and Tech Sites:
This is the most important factor that effects your Alexa Rank.If you get more visitors who are bloggers and techy guys then your alexa rank will increase fast because all the Bloggers and Tech people will be installing Alexa widget on their browsers.

5 .Write a review about Alexa on your blog :
Write a review about Alexa Ranking and link back to This might help your blog develop in long Strategies.

6. Write posts related to Blogging and Internet Marketing :
As people who read posts related to Blogging and Internet Marketing are web masters so ,if you write posts related to those topics then you will get more visitors who installed Alexa Toolbar on to their browser which directly boosts your Alexa Rankings.

7. Commenting and Backlinking :
Comment on other blogs which are under the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your blog. In this way build more links from blogs with good traffic because backlinks are crucial as you might have noticed that alexa even calculates the number of backlinks you have.

8. Update your blog regularly :
It is strongly recommended to write frequently to increase your alexa rank or else your alexa rank will go down and it becomes hard to bring back your alexa again.

9. Write quality posts :
As I always say quality matters. If you write quality posts., then others will automatically link back to you and thereby increasing backlinks and traffic as well which increases your alexa rank.
10. Share your posts on Social Networking sites :
Share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Stumble upon and Digg. These sites not only brings massive traffic but also helps in increasing your Alexa Rank.

Last Words :
Secret of Increasing Alexa Rank: The secret behind increasing Alexa Rank is to “get traffic from bloggers” . If you get more traffic from bloggers then your Alexa Rank will boost like anything.

Tough the way which calculates ranking of website is unfair,you have to focus on Improving Alexa Ranking of your blog as it one of the most important factor to make good profit from your blog.

What Best Blogger Hide About Event Blogging? Secret Revealed!!!

Hello readers, after long time I’m here with another awesome Blogging Trick to Earn Huge Money in few days. To get success, you guys need to work hard on it! Not for the whole time, just for some days only! By checking the post title itself you guys must understood what I’m talking about? Yes, I’m talking about Event Blogging guys 😀 There are many bloggers who work mainly on Event Blogs. They work hard on it before the arrival of the events. Whats your view on Event Blogging? Possible to make $$$$ with event blogs? Then my answer will, YES!!

Because many bloggers and my friends are posting their success in event blogs on their Facebook Timeline and on their personal websites. They most share their earning screenshot and their highest real time view for their event blogs. So those share may inspire all to work on event blogging, even I got inspired 🙂 There is no doubt about making good money from event based niche blog. It could give more income in short time than any of your other online earning source! Okay so now, let’s get back to the main point!

What is Event Based Niche Blogs?
It very simple! The Event bloggers create a blog on the upcoming event. And they try to get more targeted audience before the event dates, especially on the night before that event. For example take New Year 2019 as a event. They fix a target and start working on it just after November or even mid December month. Its depend on the bloggers works. For these type mostly Team Work gives more good result. Bloggers mostly focus on Keyword, Link building, Indexing their blogs on various search engines, SEO and other things. And the best part on Event Based Niche Blogs will be getting more money just by working less than 15 days. And those event blogs will drive huge traffic from search engines.

If you are new to event based blogging,  then you should first check out the ways to get started your own event based niche blog for the upcoming Valentine day 2019. This post is fully about event blogging and I’ve some interesting techniques to get started a event blog for Valentine day in effective manner. Surely I will guide the best from my side 😀

Most of you were busy with your boyfriend or girlfriend or love or life partner (whatever you call them) celebrating the day of love and having the best time you could ever have. But we had other ideas! No its not about love! Not about GF/BF! Its about Blogging!! The last valentine’s day 2018 gave us a lot to take in both in-terms of knowledge and depth about blogging and also in terms of income. And ranked it in first position in Google and now here comes the next valentines day 2018.

So what this post will be sharing? We will discuss about How to Start a Event Blog from basis till the Techniques to Earn $$$$$ with Event Blogs. Here I’ve listed some Essential 9 Tips to start a Event Blogging Effectively 😀 Check them all and start a blog for this valentines day 2019 🙂

How to Start Get Started?

#1 Team Work gives more $$$$ (Profit)
Most of the bloggers are going for this technique, Team Work 😀 You may ask whether team blogging gonna help better than solo blogging? Its a reasonable question! I prefer Team work for Event niche blogs, but not for Long term blogs. In event blogging there are much more to be worked out in short time. So you can’t do it alone, but some guys can do it on their own. If you want to make your work simple and more effective then go for team work.

So better form a good team with your friends and get started! Try to lead your team in perfect manner by allocating various tasks for your team mates. And make sure they work daily and hardwork on it. To reap huge $$$$$, then Work Hard. Its the logic or moto in Event niche blogging!

#2 Plan before the Event
Before getting started into event blogging, plan yourself! After planning for it, you need to choose a perfect niche which should have more searches and low competitive keywords. Better go for Google Keyword Planner. Keywords plays a vital role on event blogging. So work better on it!

For this tutorial, assume that I’m going to start a event blog for the upcoming Valentines Day 2018. So I’ve planned and fixed my target on this event. Then by using Google Keyword Planner I’ve picked up the low competition keyword and the most searched KW’s.

#3 Buying a Domain
Buying a brand new domain is must for event blogging sites. On Event blogging, don’t go for sub-domains. Always I prefer and recommend to a buy a domain name related to your event which you/team working on. Better you can get the domain which contains the related keywords. That can do better!

So in this case, I’m planning for this Valentine Day 2018. So I bought a domain with a keyword similar to valentineday. The go ahead by following the guides added below.

#4 Setup a blog
This will be the most important to make big money 😉 Now on creating a site/blog you should first decide which platform you are gonna to setup your blog. Blogger or WordPress? I recommend to go with Blogger platform. Not only me, everyone go for it as its very simple & easy to use. And the best part will be on its free hosting offered by Google. So need to worry about hosting crush due to high flow traffic to your event blog. And another thing Blogger blogs always have good attention to Google SERP. They may index soon and visible in google search result than other sites. So on event blogging, blogger platform perform well than WordPress. So start a new blog with blogger and redirect your new domain to your blog. Thats it!’

To be said clearly, Go to Blogger >> Create a Site >> Setup your site. Then once you setup go to your dashboard >> Settings >> Redirect your domain. It is a simple tweak! Mostly everyone will know about it! If you are new to this too, then just Google it 😀

And update your blog with some content related to the event. For our case valentines day 🙂 So find some valentine day wallpapers, wishes, quotes, greetings, status, WhatsApp DP, Messages and more things related to event. Try to publish unique contents and don’t copy from others. But mostly many guys copy, but in event blogging it not considered because we are going to blog just for 2-3 months. So there won’t be any issues with Google! But I recommend all to write and publish quality and unique contents on their blogs. That can help you rank better. While writing use Google Keyword Planner and write content with cool keywords 😀

#5 Optimized Design
So to impress a girl, you need to dress-up well! The same thing here too! Make your blog look cool with awesome design. Use well optimized themes. as the Page Optimization done well. And the feature with SEO Title, Meta Description and more. Here the Off Page Optimization also looks great. So I prefer everyone to design-up your blog with this template.

If you wish you can go for other templates too! But go for good optimized and fast loading templates. The best resource for blogger template are templateism and Templatify, Soratemplate and more. Do search on Google 😛

#6 Link Building Techniques
Link Building was the most important and major task. We underwent huge link building campaigns. These things can bring traffic as well as get high authority to the blog in quick span.  Try to rank the home page rather than all the internal pages. Use most targeted keywords like “valentine’s day messages” “happy valentine’s day messages” and also “valentine’s day sms” on your link building task. These are just an examples and you can use many more related to your event 😀 Then do comments on high authority blogs with good anchor text. Instead add the keyword for better ranking in search engines result. Once you complete check out the no.of backlinks you/team built for your event blog, as registered in And use most searched keyword for your anchor text while linking on other sites.

And another best way on Link building is to find some blogs for paid links, sidewide links and more. Most of the blog owners/admin won’t give, because these things may spam their sites. But some admins are ready to add your link for some $’s. But with that you can earn more than your invested money 😛 Just Kidding 😀

#7 Traffic and Ranking
Try to increase the traffic and ranking everyday. My friend event blog traffic increased rapidly along with rankings and then his blog ranked top at Google. So try to ping it and try the possible ways to get more traffic to your site. For getting more traffic link building process should be done well. So its depends on your work and don’t try to use any bot’s. Just work on link building, you will get success soon, for sure :D. And Concentrate on keyword part too! They too plays a vital role in bring more targeted traffic towards your site:D

Do check it:- Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for your Event Blog

If you’re getting a do-follow backlink then it would be so great for your site. Use free Backlink Generator tool To Get High PR Quality Do-Follow backlinks totally for free. If you like to increase your earnings with traffic, then you should try to get massive traffic from US, UK, Australia, Singapore and mostly from western countries. The Indian traffic to your blog won’t pay much 🙁 In other words, 10000 Indian views = 100 US views 😀 So try to get more real time traffic from US region and from Western countries!

#8 Make Money with Event Blogs
This will be the much awaited part in this post, right? So in order to monetize we’re going to use Adsense as our main source. So if you have adsense account then it would be so great. Otherwise try to apply for a new and add Adsense ad units in your blog. The other ways to earn are by using Affiliate Marketing, CPC ads, In-Text ads. Here the affiliate program and referral program gives you good result. For good commission from affiliate program you can go for Amazon and Flipkart. So these things should be done greatly and well in order to get good result 😀

And the placement of ad should be considered while adding ad units to your blog. In Adsense there are some terms to be concentrated more to get high earnings. In order to get good reasonable earnings the CTR and CPC rates should be improved well. Use links ads in sidebars and inside the post too! These things cares more about earnings 😀

For In-text ads I recommend everyone to go for Infolinks platform. Its the best in this case!

#9 Hard Work & Don’t Give Up!
For every jobs, Hard Work pays good result! Mostly on blogging you need more 🙂 The things you need to concentrate on event blogging is on Keywords, Link Building, Getting Traffic. If you’re well in these things then you can succeed in your first event blog itself. Try your best to work out all these things and as said above get traffic from US region. That can pay you more than other region traffic. Hope you got it!

Hope this post helped you better in Event Based Niche Blogging! If you’re having any doubts then share it with us in comments below! And please do share your thoughts and experiences in comments below 😀 If you feel, this post guide you much better and useful, then show your love and caring by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites. As final I like to wish you all Happy Blogging 😀 and Good Luck for your Event Blogging 🙂 Succeed and earn more! Mark my words, Never Give Up fellas 😀

Snapchat for PC Download Window 7, 8, 10

Snapchat for PC: They are many messaging applications obtainable for Smartphones. But few of them are truly excellent that is WeChat, Whatsapp, and SnapChat. Snapchat is a good messaging app accessible for iOS and Android Platform for free of charge. As it’s an awfully well-known app now I will explain you how to download and set up Snapchat on your computer System. Snapchat will be able to send text, emotions, images, videos just like all other renowned messengers which make use of simple interface. But it has one distinctive feature; the message that you send are called ‘snaps’ and user is permitted to set a time limit for receivers to glimpse it, later it will be erased from the servers.

Features of Snapchat on Windows:

Snapchat is renowned among the users who adore replacing pictures, so it’s a direct opponent of Instagram. After you download and install of Snapchat first of all you have to create your profile that will be your Identity on Snapchat for your buddies. You can join with your contacts on Snapchat by using your Snapchat app with mobile number or username.

And if your friends are available on Snapchat contact list, then you can simply send them messages; videos ,image, The thing which makes Snapchat application vary from other messaging applications is that the photo  you shared will be available for some restricted time only afterward it will be removed from Snapchat servers. And the additional features make available for the app are superior and the User Interface is simple and clean which makes the application simple to use.

How to download and install Snapchat on your Windows 7, XP, and 8 on PC

The Official edition of Snapchat for PC is not offered. But by using other tools below I have shared the working step by step Tutorial How you can Download and set up and start using Snapchat messaging app on your windows PC and Laptop for free.

Snapchat for PC: bluestacks

  1. We require an Android emulator; have to use Bluestacks application Player. You can download this app for totally free of cost from its official website.
  2. Once you download, install the Bluestacks software on your MAC or Windows PC.
  3. Afterward begin the Bluestacks app player and look for ‘Snapchat’ in the search bar there in the software.
  4. You will see Snapchat application; they will be an Install button just click on it.
  5. Your Snapchat application download will begin, wait till its complete and once the process is finished, and then you can chat with your friends by using awesome Snapchat app on your PC.

After that go to My Apps section from there you can access the Snapchat messaging app. Hope you Guys Liked this article “Snapchat for PC” and stay tune to this site for more updates.

How to Secure Windows PC or Laptop with USB Lock

Nowadays every piece of work is carried out on computers and people store important personal and official information on such computers. Storage of such important information in computers keeps users worried and this is when they look for security or a lock for their system such that their computer is not used or accessed in their absence. For getting such security or lock on the system, users can make use of USB lock which will secure computer system of the user well.

Use of USB drive
It would be surprising to know that the USBs can be used like any other lock and key to ensure security on the system. Whenever user has to use the system, they will have to make use of USB for unlocking the computer. User will get access till USB drive is connected on to the system and it will get automatically locked once USB is removed from the system. This way security is added on to the system, keeping contents within the computer protected. For using USB lock on your system, user will have to download Predator on their computer and this will give complete rights to the user.

Steps to download USB lock on system

The steps of using USB drive on to the system are quite simple and it can be followed or used by both experts and amateurs on the system. Below mentioned are series of steps to be followed by the user;

  • Once predator has been downloaded on the system, user can connect USB drive and then make use of the key to secure your computer from unauthorised access on the system.
  • The downloaded predator shall than be installed on the system.
  • During the process of installation, a popup may appear on the screen wherein user shall be asked to create a new password.
  • In this case the user may entire his desired password and then hit on OK button to continue further for using USB device on the system.
  • Then predator on your computer will put forward a box of preference settings in front of the user.
  • The user can then change the settings as per their need and then add on USB drive on the system. A drive can be selected under Flash Drive setting and then click on hit to create and generate a USB key which can be used with predator on the computer.
  • Whenever predator is running on your system, one may see the predator icon on the taskbar of their system. This will thus ensure the user that their system has been secured with a USB drive.

Final words
Above mentioned were some of the steps which have to follow by the user for securing the system with the help of a USB drive. Hence once you have installed the drive on to your system, you can be sure that the data and content within the system is safe and it cannot be accessed without your prior permission or unless you allow that other person to have access to the same.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Travelers

Every traveling enthusiast finds him/herself lacking a truly wonderful hassle-free vacation memory, since many have experienced trouble in one form or another. Since the advent of smartphones Android has developed many solutions to these problems by creating a vast market of apps with both free and paid versions to get the best out of their trip. Here is a list of the 10 best android apps for travellers.

#1 Kayak
Everyone’s favorite traveling website now in your pockets at all times allowing you to book your plane tickets, your car, your hotels and anything else you can think of and while doing all of that it all links you to other discount websites where you can get it all at a much lesser price.

#2 Packing Pro
Packing Pro helps with packing for your camping or road trip or flight with pre-loaded lists or DIU blank lists from essentials to financials to medical and to do lists as well as knowing the region’s climate and the needs of every individual with unique lists for kids, babies and adults.

#3 Google Translate
Don’t know your Mandarin from your Cantonese? With Google Translate you can just about say it all. It has a conversation mode which allows two people to talk in their native languages while Google translates it live as they speak.

#4 GogoBot
Before you hurry away you need to decide where exactly in the world you want to go and GogoBot is an app containing reviews and travel advice and ideas on where to go and what is that thing you should do now that you have arrived.

#5 GateGuru
Traveling can sometimes be prolonged due to delays and wait for your connecting flight. GateGuru keeps that monster in check by by providing you with flight information, a map of the airport you are in and picking out nearby restaurants saving you from running around the airport looking for the loo.

#6 City Guides, Offline Maps
This app moves all functionality onto your android smart phone and saves all that data that you need into your phone for its offline mode. This is the reason why this app caught my eye because there are times when you are not in the range of a WiFi signal.

#7 Hipmunk
Hipmunk has made booking your flights more friendly letting you decide which flights will be for your supreme convenience and lists them in that order skipping by the usual foraging for practical flights. The results are displayed in an easy to read interface.

#8 Mapquest Travel Blog
With the help of OpenStreetMap data Mapquest has given an open database for users to modify and improve in order to get the fastest routes that only the real drivers know.

#9 Trevi
This is the app which really brings all your memories together by compiling all of the pictures chronologically to give you a virtual memento of the trip and also linking it to your Facebook so that you can share with all your friends

#10 Expensify
To keep all that traveling in your budget we have Expensify, an app which keeps a check on all your spending and provides you with a report of it with suggestions and also going online to get them approved.

How to Save Battery Power on Android Devices

How to Save Battery Power on Android Devices:- By now, we are 100% sure that you are holding world’s best branded smart phone – Android right? Yeah!! A ton’s of effort, a great user interface and an unlimited access to Google Play Store Apps (Download any apps for free of cost). We all know Android Mobile is the best and high rated Latest Smart Phone in the entire mobile market.

Compare to all other operating systems and their brands, Android is a Giant mobile but surely will get shy when Battery Life is concern. Yes, since it is bagged with a lot of features and more functionality it couldn’t hold battery to a great extent. But today, we here at our Tech Blog would like to discuss about How To Save Batter Power on Android Devices – So, let’s get started.

It is impossible to carry an extra battery pack whenever you require – So, the best solution is to make sure you are following the below mentioned points.

How to Save Battery Power on Android Devices

Adjust Brightness
Nowadays, a big problem with any android devices is either with Screen Sizes or Unnecessary apps. So, whenever you use your handset make sure with its Display Settings like – Lock it, Switch Off and Reduce Brightness to low.

Sync to Auto Sync
Many of the recent application is having auto sync to their Data Base so that one must never lose their private data.
So, in order to be away from such apps better manually select apps and thus It will save you a lot of battery time.

Wi-Fi is better than Mobile Data
Feeling somewhat weird right? May be!! Since most of the users are acquainted with mobile data and hence will be less chance to utilize Wi-Fi.

One you start using Wi-Fi you will save almost battery.
It consumes a very less amount of battery than mobile data.

Avoid Using Background Wallpaper

Yes!! If you have any such habit of making your own image or other as Wallpaper then it will be a very bad practice which ultimately eat-ups all your battery to down.

Less Widgets More Battery Life

If you are innate player of online games then you must stop or decrease widgets and save battery life.

Close Background Manually

Most of us are having their mobiles left open without closing any apps so, this is also the mild reason.

Use power saving mode
Check before installing any apps from Google Play Store.

Wrapping Off

This is all about How to Save Battery Power on Android Devices – If you still have any more concerns or queries then do let us know.

Top 5 Websites to Get DISCOUNT in e-ticket Booking

There are many ways of transport and travelling from one region to another. Buses are used to travel within a country while air planes and railway trains are the means of travelling to farther areas of a country or outside the country. Life is very busy and people do not have time to first go to buy a ticket from railway station or airport therefore, different travel agencies has established a system of E-ticket booking. By using this system, people can buy their ticket online and get a copy of E-ticket which is then used as the actual ticket at the time of travel.

As everyone wants to have discounts for everything, different E-ticket booking websites also announce discount on the purchase of e-tickets to attract and facilitate the customers. There are many platforms where the customers can get coupons or promo codes for discounts on e-ticket bookings. Here we are going to mention about top 5 websites in the list which provide best discount offers on E-ticket bookings.

Best Websites to for e-ticket booking

5) is one of the good websites which provide the facility of e-ticket booking online. The specialty of this website is that it only provides e-tickets to travel within India therefore it says “My Bus Tickets”. People used to travel within India usually by busses so this website offers good discounts on the purchase of bus tickets. These discount offers can be unlocked by using the coupons from many websites

4) was initially known for mobile recharge and bill payments but now it has established a big store for different products. It also offers e-ticket booking facility for bus ticket bookings. It is also known for online bookings of tickets to travel within India. Now it offers discounts on the purchase of bus E-ticket bookings, these offers are easily accessible

3) is one of the best sites who provide the facility of E-ticket booking for national and international flights. People can buy bus tickets, air plane tickets and railway train tickets from very easily.

2) is one of the best online sites where you can search and purchase bus tickets for any region any city of India. it provides the E-ticket booking for busses of different routes. It is known for its best and high quality services. You can check for all available routes and then buy tickets of any route you want. is now offering exciting discounts on the purchase of E-tickets, the coupons for these discounts are available for the facility of customers. You can use Red bus coupons  for discounts.

1) is well known for its services of domestic and international ticket bookings. There you can find e-tickets and hotel bookings for many regions of the world. also offers discounts on the purchase of these E-tickets which are accessible by using coupons from this site. You can easily get Goibibo discount coupons.

Never mind to share your thoughts in comments below! And please do share this post on popular social networking sites! Cheers

How to Boost Adsense Income by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Every blogger and other website owners are aware of Adsense! And they are trying to increase their revenue more and more even than before. As on many Facebook active groups these discussions are going on! And there most of the people discuss about increase the CTR rate of Adsense which in result their earnings may increase. But by focusing the CPC we can increase the earnings of any blog!

Do you know? Your Adsense earnings may be low due to low CPC rate ads? What is the solution for it to get fixed? If you’re looking for such post, then this post might help you in better ways. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. There are some advertise who pay the publishers very low bucks. Some ad bid may be give you only $0.01 per click. So they are considered under the low CPC ads. These low CPC ads will affects your earnings for sure!

For example, your blog getting good amount of traffic daily but no earnings! And you’re checking it, and noticed that your blog is shown full of low CPC ads. This is the main reason for low earnings. So what will be the solution for it? My answer will be by Blocking those Low Paying ads 😀 So if you execute this to your adsense account, then you can notice the changes in few days later!

Now today in this post I’m with a new/old strategy to increase your Adsense Income by Blocking Low CPC Ads with guidelines. All we’re going here is just going to the settings of Adsense account and the blocking the ads which pays your very less! Let’s do it…

How to block Low Paying CPC Ads in Google Adsense?

Step 1: Go to your Google Adsense Account

Step 2: Navigate to “Allow & block ads” section found at the top menu bar.

Step 3: There you can see many options regarding blocking ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers. So now based on your content niche of your blog you can block the ads. By making them to shown revelant ads related to your niche! Hope you got it 🙂

Step 4: Now just the “Click Advertisers URLs”. And in the box, paste the below given URLs and click Block URLs once you done it.

Step 5: After clicking the block urls, you can see the low paying ads/urls are blocked in your adsense account.

If you’re not able to traget on high CPC keywords, then follow up this method! Blocking Low CPC ad method can surely increase your earnings with no risks! Hope this post ends up with another informative thing on Adsense for bloggers. This method is one among the adsense boosting formula and if you find that this post need more information about this then kindly let us know your feedback in comments below!

Show your care by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites! If you got any quires about this method, then feel free to share it in comments! And don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments too! Happy Earnings 😀

Why to Choose Infolinks as Perfect Adsense Alternative ?

Most of the people are stepping into blogging scope is to make money and they to maximize the income as much they can! To be frank, there are many proven ways to make money online just by blogging. All you need is to choose the better Advertising program for your blog. If they pay more of the publishers then it good, otherwise you’re wasting time without getting anything :) So what will be the best proven method to earn online? Can I earn money with new blog?

If you ask such questions, then many people ask you to choose Google Adsense as your main income source. But if you go deep towards bloggers thought, you will came to know how hard they worked on getting Adsense approval! You may find many approval tricks, but they are useless. Unless your blog get good stats with Google Adsense Plocies and rules you will get approval for your blog. So its very tough! On the other side you can go for Adsense Alternatives. If you surf for Adsense alternatives then the first thing stood up will be the coolest Infolinks. Yeah! Its Infolinks 😀

If you guys really want to make good money on blogging then the best option I suggest everyone to go with Infolinks program. So in this post I’m going to share about How to Get started with Infolinks and why to Choose Infolinks as your Main Income Source? Let’s get started,

What is Infolinks?
Infolinks is a advertising company which was started in 2007 and helped lakhs of publishers to earn from their websites. They mostly focus on In-text advertising ads. In short the ads will be shown in form of links inside the blog posts. If any readers click that link then you will get credited with some bucks. Its totally different from Adsense program. And infolinks is offering many oppurtunities for publishers on different manner. So it means some cool products like inframe ads, in-text ads, in-tag ads and these text ads will overcome the banners ads.

Why Infolinks is much better than Adsense?
There are many things to be noted while differing the top branded Advertising Platforms, especially both Infolinks and Adsense. So some of them as follows,

#1 Getting approval on Infolinks is so simple when compared to Adsense. As said above, for getting approval in adsense your blog need to follows many Google Adsense TOS and they approval certains blogs only. So its really hard to get approval! This may be the biggest drawback for Adsense.

#2 Text Ads are more better than banner ads. Infolinks offers their publishers more with text adversting and its the most efficient way to make good bucks for less impressions. So when you compare with Adsense they mostly focus on Banner Ads. But some people won’t like banners ads and they feel those ads annoy them! So they try to avoid such ads. This may point out that, test ads will be more covinient for all publishers.

#3 As people avoid banner ads the number of impressions and clicks for Adsense ads will get low rates when compare to infolinks. As the Infolinks goes with text ads the no. of clicks percentage will be high as general.

#4 Infolinks alogroithium works great for your blog posts. All you need is to write quality content with high paying keywords. This need to be focused as the Infolinks ads shows their ads with your content niche and the keywords. So the high paying keywords gives you more money 😀

#5 Controlling your ads to show off is the awesome feature with Infolinks. With this feature you can turn on or turn off your Infolinks ads for certain pages or for certain sections of your blog side. This can’t be done on Adsense 😛 Anyhow this makes the blogger so useful on some violated posts. They can turn off the ads on that particular page whenever they need!

#6 Quick and Simple Payment System makes the Infolinks users feels much happy! The best thing is, Infolinks will pay all the publishers on time! And for the fund transfer they depends on these sources like, Paypal, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Western Union, ACH and via Echeck. So getting paid from Infolinks is simple!

#7 Infolinks Customer Support was great! If you stuck up with some problem, then you can go with customer support. You will get their support for 24×7 and all you need is just to push your questions and you will get the perfect answer to solve your bug :)

Infolinks Ads Formats
They focus mostly on text based advertising and many of their cleint like such way to promote their products.As I mentioned earlier they offers 4 types of ads formats for the publishers. All those four is text based ads!

#1 In-fold – A Overlay ad which folds and in-fold like headlines.
#2 In-text Ad – Ads inside the lines.
#3 In-Tag – Which Replaces Adsense Text Ads with keyword tags.
#4 In-Frame – Floating and Framed ads on both the sides of your site.

Just visit the Infolinks website and you can get live demo before choosing the ad formats for your blog. That’s sounds great!

How to Get Started with Infolinks?

Step 1: Go to Infolinks Website and Sign up.

Step 2: Now, fill up the basic details about Your website and other stuffs. And be patient for some hours, mostly 24 hrs.

Step 3: Once your application got approved , go to your dashboard and Create ads.

Step 4: Now its time to add it on your blog. For that just click on “Integrate” . And it will offer 4 CMS platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. Select your platform and go ahead!

Step 5: If you want to change or create a new ad unit just follow the same steps. If you want to customize your ads color and their positions to appear then click Customize button and make your changes. That’s it! So What are you waiting for?

Infolinks Referral program
Whats new on Infolinks? Is it “Infolinks Referral program” only for publishers. Isn’t cool? So what will the publisher earn from this program? How they are benifited?

Infolinks Referral program is an newly introduced one for Infolinks publishers. This referral program is so simple which gives good deal for all the publishers. If anyone refers a publishers with his referral id then he will gets 10% of that referred publisher revenue for 12 months. Yes, for 1 year! Sounds cool isn’t?

4 Reason to Join Infolinks Referral Program
#1 You will get 10% of your referrals revenue for 12 months.

#2 No Signup is required!

#3 User friendly dashboard to monitor your referrals and for the reports.

#4 Banners are provided by the Infolinks to promote your referral link with other.

Referring more customers under you is very simple. Is just like you do for affiliate programs. Some hot tips from my side will be,

#1 Just copy your referral link share it on popular social networking sites.

#2 Embed it on your blog posts or on videos.

#3 Write a review on Infolinks Referral Program.

#4 Use attractive Infolinks Banner.

#5 Ask your friends to join!

So what are waiting for? Join Infolinks and share your referral link with other and earn a lot!

Final Words
So whats your view about Infolinks? Easy to get approval, easy to earn from your content and the referral program is amazing with 10% commissions. These things can’t be found on anyother advertising network rather than Infolinks. Hope this post helps you a lot to know more about Infolinks and I assure you. If you got good traffic to your blog then surely you can make $$$ every money just by sitting front of your PC. Do share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 😀